About US


The Good Move Guide is more than just a company or enterprise that offers affordable local office and residential moving services. We go an extra mile and provide our customers and people who engage with us with additional information that they can use to get to their new home within the shortest time possible and without incurring huge expenses.

The company started as a small company operating from a garage but we were lucky to have business experts who guided us. With their continuous monitoring and support, we were able to make the best decisions for our company such as purchasing new trucks once we had accumulated enough money as well as ensuring that the services that we offer are actually in line with what the clients are looking for.

Using social media and our current customer support platform, we are able to provide our customers with timely responses to all their inquiries. This has helped us to stay on top of our game and ensure that no one is let down.

The moving experts that have the privilege to work with us are well trained on this industry and have even qualification documents such as degrees and certificates from accredited universities.  We do provide incentives to them to ensure that they are always working at their best and to the interest of the company as a whole.

Call us today for the best office and residential moving services. We look forward to becoming your first class local mover.